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What's New in Paligo?

The list of updates for this release is not as long as usual, but there is one that many have been waiting for:

Global Search and Replace

Finally, it's here. We took our time, because replacing content in your entire database is a major action, and we wanted to make sure a feature like this was really useful, and also with full control.

You will get a full search result with a detailed preview, so you can make sure you actually do want to perform the replace in all those contexts.

You can even choose to view a full context preview of the topic, so you can be really sure.


You can select/deselect all results, and manually select only a few.

Replace with XML elements or Variables

Not only can you replace text in all of your topics, you can even enter XML to replace the text with inline elements. And what's more, you have the option to open a dialog to select a variable to replace content with.

A great way to increase your reuse by replacing frequently occurring text strings with variables.

We've initially released this feature in beta mode, just to collect feedback if there's anything else we need to add to it to make it as useful as possible. But it's fully functional right now. Read more about how to use it here: Global Search and Replace.

Easier wildcard search

While you could search with wildcards before, it was a bit unintuitive. We've now made it more consistent with what most users will recognize, and it's available in Advanced search as well as the Quick search and the Content Manager search widget. Read more about it here: Using wildcards

Dynamic Code Snippets for PDF

Recently we released a feature that was very popular: dynamic code snippets, i.e fetching the code for a programlisting from an external source like GitHub, BitBucket or similar repository so that HTML5 output would be automatically using the latest and greatest code samples.

We followed that up in this release: now you can even publish to PDF, and during the publishing process, Paligo will pick up the code sample from that external source into your output PDF!


Better Salesforce Integration

The Salesforce integration has been significantly improved. There were previously some limitations regarding updating topics and linking between articles.

This has now been greatly improved, and is much easier to do than before. For those of you publishing to Salesforce Knowledge, this will be a welcome update.

Note that your Salesforce integration configuration will need a few changes, contact support and we'll tell you more about this update.

Other updates

More options for video output

It's now easier to specify options for videos and how you want them to appear in your output. See Inserting a Video for more on these options.

Fallback fonts for translation languages in PDF output

If you're translating to other languages that require special fonts, previously there was just one choice for a unicode font that would cover all languages. Now you can specify your own sequence of fonts to make sure the one you like is used for those languages too.

Release comment bug fix

There was an annoying bug where previously if you had topics checked out when you released a publication, you'd have to rewrite your laboriously written release comment. No more, thankfully.

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