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What's New in Paligo?

Interactive 3D Models in HTML5 Output

Now it's possible to very easily add fully interactive 3D models in your output, which you can rotate, zoom in and out, interact with callouts, etc.

Inserting them works very similar to adding a video, and it's just as easy. Read more in Inserting 3D models!


Add Related Topic Links Using Taxonomies

You may know that each HTML5 topic will output a list of its child topics at the end. But if you want more control, and add such links to other topics that are related, you can now do this using the powerful taxonomy feature.

By using taxonomies for this, not only do you relate topics to one another, you can also select what type of relationship you are creating, for example if you are relating them because they are about the same subject matter, you can use a subject matter taxonomy tree.

See the options for this in the HTML5 Layout Editor Options. Select the taxonomy tree you want to use (by the name of the root tag of a tree you've created), and then start tagging topics that are related. At the end of each topic they will then have links to one another in your Help Center output.

Easily Enable Top Navigation

Top navigation has always been available in Paligo, but it was not easy to know, since it had to be enabled in a rather roundabout way.

Now this is much easier, and it's just a couple of options to enable in the Layout Editor. See the HTML5 Layout Editor Options topic, and try those options out if you want a top navigation menu in your help center output!


Embed Swagger (beta)

One very commonly requested feature has been to be able to embed Swagger API content in your Paligo content. Your writing all of your documentation in Paligo, but still want to combine it with the interactive auto-generated API endpoint content from Swagger.

We are now implementing this in a beta release, where you can enable it in the Layout Editor. This release is a beta test release, and we welcome feedback to try to make this as suitable as possible for your needs.



The Swagger content needs to be in JSON format, not YAML. If you have it in YAML, you need to convert it to JSON and make it available to use that URL.

More updates

New Appendix topic type

If you need an appendix (or several) in your output, you now have the option to add this special topic type right from the Create Content dialog.

New outputformat profile/filter attribute

In addition to all the previously available filter attributes, you now have outputformat as well, suitable for profiling conditional content to e.g HTML5 and PDF differently.

Wrap bridgehead into a section

If you happened to have used a bridgehead element as a sub title in your content, but change your mind and want to make wrap the bridgehead (and the content it serves as a title for) into a section instead (which is usually recommended), you can now easily do that with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Alt Shift W. (Yes, we chose a rather complex shortcut. Because even if it's very convenient to be able to do this, it may not be too often, so we don't want to tie up other shortcut keys we may need)

Bootstrap 3.4 upgrade

Bootstrap has now been upgraded to version 3.4 in the HTML5 Help Center output.

Enhanced link report

The link report you can get if you choose the Debug option in the Publish dialog has been updated to show more context for each problem link, making it easier to find and fix any problems.

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