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Variables are useful for inserting small pieces of content in your topics that can vary upon publishing. For instance, you might want to insert the model name of a product in your topic, but doing so directly in plain text would prevent the topic from being reused in any other context. So instead of hard-coding the product name in the topic, you can use a variable.

Note that variables are not limited to plain text. There are a number of different types of variables:

  • Plain text variables: for text that does not need to be translated, like product names, number values, etc, and thereby the safest type of variable.

  • Translatable variables: this variable type will let you enter translations of each value for the languages you have selected. This can be very useful. But remember to consider the fact that different languages can have very different grammars, if you use this type. If you don't, translated text may sound very odd if gender, articles, etc do not match.

  • XML variables: this is like text variables, but with the addition that you can add actual xml tags here, to include inline tags if needed.

  • Image variables: this is very useful if you have e.g a topic where all or most of the text is exactly the same for a number of variants, like different product models, but only the image is different for each product. Then it may be more convenient to have a variable for the image, rather than many images with filtering.

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