Getting Started

Topic File Names (HTML)

For HTML outputs, Paligo uses either the UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) or the title of a topic to generate the HTML file name. But you can take control of the file naming by manually setting the file names. This is especially useful if you are using context-sensitive-help that links to Paligo help content, as the URLs can change if the topic titles change. By setting the name manually, you can set the file name and the URL so that it does not change.

To manually set the file name for a topic:

  1. Open the topic in Paligo.

  2. In the Element Structure Menu, select the top section element and then select Go to element.

  3. In the Element attributes section, give the section element the xinfo:outname attribute.

  4. Set the value of the xinfo:outname attribute to the name you want for the published file. You only need to enter the file name. Do not include the file extension at the end.

  5. Select Save.

When you publish to HTML, the file name for the topic is set to the value you defined for the xinfo:outname attribute.