Getting Started

The Profile View

With the Profile View, you can configure settings to view specific variants of your content, if you have used variables and/or filters. This is very useful to make it easier to see how the profiled content will actually come out.

The filters you set in the Profile View will also apply when you preview content in PDF, HTML5, or HTML from within the editor.

This can be done in the Editor, as well as in the Review and Translation views.

In the Editor you set the profile view by clicking the profile settings icon under the Preview tab, as shown in the image.


Example of variant view of a topic in the Editor, with variable value filled in and profiled content filtered out.


In the Options tab, you can select whether to completely hide filtered content, or to show it as a placeholder only (as in the image above).

In the Review and Translation views you set the profile view by clicking the little cog wheel icon at the top right corner:


Profile settings in Review view


Profile settings in Translation view

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