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Reusing text fragments

Paligo makes it easy to reuse content on every level, not only whole topics or safety messages. Even individual phrases can easily be reused. You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • Search for reusable text fragments through the Reuse text panel in the editor.

  • Use the Structure Menu or the keyboard shortcuts to easily copy and paste as reuse.


While the Text Reuse feature in Paligo is a very convenient and efficient way to reuse content quickly, one of the most common beginner mistakes is to overuse this. You should consider whether other reuse techniques are more efficient in some cases. For example if you have a lot of elements to reuse in a sequence, or even an entire topic. In such cases reusing an informaltopic or a regular topic is often more efficient. This can be combined with filtering if there are slight differences in the places it is reused. 

Search for reusable text fragments
  1. When editing a topic, place the cursor where you want to add content you or some other user has already written.

  2. Click Reuse text in the Side Tool Bar to the right of the editor.

  3. Type a word or phrase to search for. Paligo will find any exact or similar matches.



    Click the little cog wheel icon to show more information about the text fragment, such as where it is used, its revision history, or different translations.

  4. Just click on one of the search results if you found what you were looking for. You can select to do one of the following:

    • Reuse fragment

      This will reuse the exact same element as the original you found, and you have not duplicated any content. This means you can update this content in just one place and it will be updated everywhere.

    • Insert content (no reuse)

      This will insert a copy of the text content in the original segment. This can also be a useful kind of reuse, even if you need to have a copy. For instance, if a fragment consists of two sentences, and you change one of them, you will still make sure the other sentence is exactly the same as the original, thus saving on translation.


    Please note that to see these options, the element where you want to copy or reuse must be empty. If there is already content in it, you can only get a copy.

Copy and paste as reuse

This is a very convenient way to quickly reuse a text fragment. Just copy it and then use the paste as reuse commands.

  1. Copy any element that has text in it. It can be either a single paragraph or even a larger element like a list or table.

    Use either the commands on the Structure Menu or the keyboard shortcut AltC.

  2. Insert the element in any valid position in the same topic or another topic open in a separate tab. Use either the Structure Menu Insert as reuse command (when available) on the element where you want to insert it, or the keyboard shortcut AltShiftV to paste as reuse.

    The text fragment is reused, and you can update it in one place no matter how many places it is reused.

    If you are pasting a larger element like a list or table, each text fragment in it will be reused.

Remove reuse from text fragment

If you have reused a text fragment, and decide you want to change it only for this instance, i.e not reusing it anymore and making it a new standalone text, you can easily do that:

  1. Place the cursor in the reused text fragment.

  2. Use the Remove formatting command, using the eraser in the toolbar or AltShiftF.

Viewing reuse information and history for a text fragment

Paligo keeps track of the usage information (in which topics a text fragment is used) as well as the revision history for each text fragment individually.

Just go to the Element Structure menu, and click on the element you want to see the Usage information or Text history for:


You can also compare text fragments in different languages from the same menu, if you have translations.

Reused text is locked for editing by default

Please note that content will be locked for editing by default, to protect from inadvertently changing a text fragment that is reused in many places. If you want to change it everywhere it's reused, click the element name in the Element Structure menu and select Edit reused fragment.


Reusing content from a Released topic

If you reuse a text fragment from a topic that has already been released, it will be highlighted in green to alert you this fact. You should not edit such a fragment unless you are sure that it is ok to change the content in the released topic as well.

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