Getting Started

Publishing Multiple Versions of Content

What if you have multiple versions of your product documentation, and you want users to be able to view the version they are using? When you publish to HTML5 Help Center output, you can then add a version selection dropdown.

Note that this requires that you organize your output topics in a specific folder structure. See the instructions below.

  1. Add the paths to the different versions you want to maintain in the field "Versions fo version dropdown" under "Help Center Theme Options" in the Layout Editor.


    Make sure the entries are of the following format: text:Version 5.1 (latest), url:/docs/index.html;

    It doesn't matter what the root folder is called. But it needs to point to the folder where your documents are. Then add another with the same format, but pointing to where that version will be located on your server. The slash ("/") at the beginning of the path represents the root of your server.

  2. Publish each version, and make sure you place each version in the paths as described above for each corresponding version.

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