Getting Started

Moving and Copying Elements

You can move elements around in your topic using The Element Structure Menu to move, cut, copy and paste elements, giving you exact control over the elements manipulated.


You can also copy or move content from one topic to another. Just open another topic in a second browser tab, and use the same procedures to copy and move content as described below.


All of the below commands have keyboard shortcuts too.

Moving elements up or down


Menu commands to move elements work only on elements on the same level, e.g changing the order of list items. To move elements more freely, use the cut and paste commands from the Element Structure Menu.

  1. Select the element you wish to move.

  2. Click the name of the element in the Element Structure Menu, and choose one of the commands, depending if you want to move the element up or down.

Moving table rows

You can also move table rows up or down. This can only be done with the keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Place the cursor in a table cell.

    Not in a paragraph or other element inside the cell, but in the actual td element. Check the structure menu to see that you have it in the correct place:

  2. Use the keyboard shortcuts with arrow keys for moving the current table row up or down (AltShift or AltShift).

Cutting, copying, and pasting elements

  1. Place your cursor inside the element you want to cut or copy.

  2. Select the element in the Element Structure Menu:

  3. Select Copy or Cut.

  4. Place the cursor in a location where the selected element would be valid, e.g itemizedlist if you have cut or copied a list item.

  5. Select either Insert (if you have cut or copied) or Insert as reuse (works only if you have copied).


    Copy and paste as reuse

    This is a very powerful reuse feature, and the easiest way is to do it with the keyboard shortcuts.

    If you select Insert as reuse, you have actually reused the same element content, and can update it in one place. One instance will be locked, and the other one will be editable. If you update the editable one you will see that the other updates simultaneously.

    Note that this is mostly recommended for small elements, such as paragraphs. You should always take care to consider what is the best reuse strategy, and select between the various techniques, so that you do not lose control over your content.

    See also Reusing text fragments.

Moving elements in Oxygen XML Editor

Most restructuring should be easy to do in the online editor. But if you prefer to view tags while restructuring, or if you need to do some extensive restructuring, you may find some tasks easier to do in the Oxygen Editor client.

This requires that you have the optional Oxygen offline client, and that you have the Paligo plugin installed.

  1. Open the topic in Oxygen, by selecting it in the Content Manager view.

  2. Select the element you want to move by clicking its tag, and then move it where you want it by dragging and dropping, making sure that you do not get warnings about incorrect document structure.

  3. Save the topic.

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