Getting Started

Global Search and Replace

To search and replace in all topics or publications, select the Replace tab in the Advanced Search view.



Global search and replace is a very powerful feature, and you should follow these steps carefully and check all search results. 

  1. Type the text string you want to search for, and the string you want to replace it with.


    You can also use the following in the replacement field:

    • An XML inline element. For example, to replace the search text string with the text bold, you'd enter this: <emphasis role="bold">ACME X3000</emphasis>.

    • A variable. To do so, just click the arrow on the right of the field, and select a variable:

  2. Select any other search options you like:

    • Ignore case: If the search should be case insensitive.

    • Match only whole word: If you want to avoid getting matches that are only part of other words.

    • Contains also: If you have different contexts and only want to replace if some other text is also present, you can narrow down the search by specifying this.

    • Language: If you want to replace text in another language than the source language.

  3. Click Search

    You will now be presented with a detailed view of the search results, with the search term marked in red, and the replacement text marked in green.


    Check the results carefully, to make sure you are not replacing terms you didn't intend to.

    Use the buttons Include all or Exclude all to check/uncheck all results, if needed, and make sure only the ones you want to replace are checked before continuing.

  4. If some topics are either in a workflow stage other than Work in progress, you have a check box above the search results if you want to change that workflow status.

    If any topics are checked out, there will be a check box to automatically check them in too.


    Of course you should only automatically change workflow status or check topics in if you are absolutely sure this is ok.

    If you are working in a large team and reusing content across different product owners, you should not check these boxes, but instead leave them, and first find out if these can be checked in/have the workflow status changed.

  5. When all results are checked, click Replace.