Getting Started

Finding Content by Taxonomy

When you have categorized your content (topics, images, publications) with taxonomy categories, you can use it both to include in your published output, and also to find content more easily.

This can be very beneficial especially if you start getting a lot of topics to keep track of. As opposed to only organizing content in folders, with taxonomies you are not restricted to only one category.

This means that you can on the one hand find content whichever category you search by. Topics that are tagged with "Controls" or "ACME 1000" for instance will be found whichever category you click on:


Click taxonomy category



You can also narrow down results by selecting multiple categories at once, for instance finding only those that are tagged with both "ACME 1000" and "Safety" narrows down the result to only one topic. After selecting, just click Search from here:


Selecting multiple taxonomy categories



You can use taxonomies as a filter parameter in the Advanced Search as well: