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Export to XML

Besides publishing to various output formats, you can also select to publish/export to XML. This can be useful for interchange with others, for example when you interact with someone using a different XML format.

Using the XML export also makes it easy to further manipulate the content outside of the CMS, if needed. There are two variants of XML export in Paligo, one to open standard DocBook 5 format, and the other to Paligo Export Format (PEF).


Export to XML is not intended for "round-tripping" content in and out of Paligo. Doing so would cause duplicate content. If you want to work on the XML content outside of Paligo, that should remain in Paligo, use the Oxygen plugin and open topics in the Content Manager widget from there.

Export to open standard DocBook XML
  1. To publish to DocBook XML, just select the format XML in the Publish dialog.

  2. Download the result, and then open in an XML editor, e.g Oxygen.

    You will see the content of the document in plain XML text format, or formatted according to how the chosen XML editor handles this.

Export to Paligo Export Format
  1. To export to Paligo Export Format, select the option Export content directly from the context menu for the content you want to export. This can be a folder, or just a single component.

  2. The exported content can be reimported again using the option just below in the same menu, Import content.

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