Getting Started

Creating Topics and Other Components

Component is the generic term used for any type of object for creating textual content in Paligo, such as publications, topics, warnings, etc.

Topics are what you will create most of the time.

  1. In the context menu, next to the folder where you want to create the component, select the option Create content.

  2. Enter a title for the new component, and if you didn't select it before, select the type of content you want to create, one of the following:

  3. Finally select if you want to add any languages that the component will be translated into, (You can always add this later if you want to), select whether you want to create another component. Click Ok.



    There are a couple of optional ways of creating content:

    • For new topics, you can also use the quick add button in the Structure View:


      This adds your new topics right in the publication structure you have open. You can select where the topics should be saved in the dropdown next to the button.

    • Another way is to click the blue Create content button on top of the Content manager. Then select type of component in the menu. This will lead you to step 2 in the procedure above.


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