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Creating Layouts and Customizing Output

You can create your own layouts and customize your output in many ways in Paligo. A new layout is created and edited in the Layout Editor.

There are two different ways of customizing your layouts:

Types of layout customization
  1. PDF - this is done through a graphical style editor where you select your properties for different content, very similar to how you create styles in Microsoft Word.

  2. HTML - Styling for HTML is currently done by uploading your own CSS. If you have such skills, CSS gives you a lot of power to make many changes to the HTML default layouts. Any CSS rules you add will take precedence over any default styling.


Besides styling the layout in the Layout Editor, you also have lots of options and features to select, such as for HTML5, where you can add Google Analytics, Disqus forums, chat widgets, etc. See more in HTML5 Layout Editor Options and PDF Layout Editor Options.

  1. Open the Layout View by clicking the menu item Layout in the navigation bar.

    If there are no previous layouts created, you'll see an empty list. Otherwise you'll see a list of your previously created layouts here.

  2. Click Create new layout.

  3. Type a name for your layout, and select the output format and default style you want to base it on, e.g "Default pdf"

  4. Click Ok.

    Your layout has been created, but is still empty. Now you have to edit it in the Layout Editor.

  5. Click the new layout to open it in the Layout Editor.

    The Layout Editor opens in a new browser tab.


You should be able to do most or all of your layouts directly in the Layout Editor. But even more can be done if needed: 

  • You can directly edit the underlying stylesheets and configuration files, both CSS and javascript (for HTML outputs), as well as the XSLT that creates all the structure.

    All you need to do this is log in to your own server instance through WebDAV (available on the Business plan and up), using your Paligo credentials.

    Please make sure that you know you have the proper skills in-house for this, though, because you can make very dramatic changes here.

  • If you don't have such skills in-house you can contact support to get an estimate for purchasing such advanced customization as a service.

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