Getting Started

Copying Topics and Publications

  1. To copy a topic or publication, just click the context menu next to the component.

  2. Select Copy.

  3. Rename the component if you want to.

Copying Publications does not duplicate topic content

If you copy a topic, the new topic is a duplicate of the original - all the content inside is copied. However, if you copy a publication any topics that were reused in the original publication are not duplicated. The new publication copy will have copied references to the same topics as the original.

This means copying a publication works fine if you want to reuse topics between two publications, and you just want to change some of the structure in the new copy. This is a quick way to reuse content even if the two publications should be completely separate.

If you on the other hand want to create a version of a publication that you can work on in parallel, and might want to merge content from, then you can use Version Branching instead.