Getting Started

Adding images to the library

Paligo supports a range of image formats, such as jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, pdf, psd, ai, png, gif, svg, eps, ps. Animated gifs are also supported.

You can add images to the Paligo Image library in several ways. Directly in the Content Manager, or in the editor when working on a topic.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Select a folder in the Media library and click Upload images.

    • Or when you choose to insert an image in a topic, you also have the option in the dialog to upload images:

  2. When the Upload dialog appears, drag and drop images from your computer or click Add files.


    If your image is a vector image of AI. EPS, or PDF format, it is a quite common problem that there is unnecessary whitespace around it. This can be automatically removed during upload:


Smart Image Management

Paligo takes care of the complexity of managing different versions of images for you:

  • Automatic image formats: You can upload an image in just one format, for example the highest resolution version, or an original source file in Photoshop (PSD), or Illustrator (AI). Paligo will automatically handle the conversion to suitable output format for print, web, etc, so you don't have to keep track of multiple format versions of the same image.

  • Images in multiple languages: You can also upload the same image translated into multiple languages (such as screen shots for localized software), and will automatically select the right language version when you publish to different languages. Read more about that in Using Images in Multiple Languages.

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