Getting Started

Accordions (Collapsible Sections)


Accordions are currently supported for HTML5 and Zendesk outputs.

Accordions are sections of content that can be expanded or collapsed. They are useful when:

  • You have long, complex procedures. You can break the procedure down into sub-sections, and make each sub-section an accordion. The reader can then expand/collapse each section in turn.

  • You have content that is useful, but not essential, such as examples. If you make them into accordions, your readers can choose whether they want to see that information.


You can use accordions on sidebar elements and section elements (either at the top level of a topic or on the section element of a sub-section inside a topic).

To create an accordion:

  1. Select a section element or a sidebar element.

    You can select a section element for a sub-section in a topic (a section inside another section). Alternatively, you can select the section at the top-level of a topic, and the topic will appear as an accordion section whenever it is included inside another topic.

  2. In the Element attributes, select Add attribute and choose Role.

  3. Give the Role attribute the value:


  4. Select Save.

When you publish to HTML5 or Zendesk, the section or sidebar will appear as expandable/collapsible accordions.


You can use a keyboard shortcut to quickly apply the accordion role. Select the section element or the sidebar element and then use Alt Shift Y on Windows or Option ⌥ Shift ⇧ Y on Mac.This shortcut adds the role:accordion to the element automatically.

Example 4. Accordions

Select the example below to expand and collapse content.